Termo Stampi offers numerous services that allow the customer to obtain a finished product.
The process begins in Termo Stampi Design, with the co-design, prototyping and design of the mould. Termo Stampi then takes over and deals with the construction of moulds for plastics and die-casting. The items are moulded at Termoplast with injection technology and different types of procedures: single-component, two-component (2K), three-component (3K) and gas-assisted injection moulding.

Quality check
Quality check
component assembly
CAM programming office
Piece measurement
Tools lab

Termo Stampi takes care of the various aspects both during and post production: it guarantees advice on the best technological solutions and deals with sampling, assembly, packaging and maintenance of the moulds.
The aim? To create highly efficient, resistant and high-performance items for our target sector, the automotive industry.