The Termo Stampi group is organised in 3 different divisions - Termo Stampi, Termo Stampi Design, Termoplast - all perfectly in tune and able to guarantee the customer a complete service, from the request to create the mould up to the injection moulding and die casting.

The customer can decide to turn to any one of the companies according to requirements; the companies, if needed, communicate with each other without burdening the customer, thereby optimising the process and resolving any doubts and problems thanks to the specific know-how of each division.

Termo Stampi services

  • Co-Design and Prototyping
  • Moldflow analysis
  • Mould Design and Construction
  • Sampling/pre-production
  • Product packaging development
  • Moulding and Assembly
  • Logistics

Design and moulding work in synergy to optimise the mould, with expert techniques and the benefit of the extensive experience of the entire team.
Termoplast has a dedicated quality control team, which works on 3 shifts meticulously checking the moulding process.