The Group

In 2007, with the creation in of the 3 different companies and the internalisation of design and moulding, the Termo Stampi group wanted to improve the demand-supply flow and the relationship with the customer, which thus benefits from the advantage of a single point of contact and the same supplier for the entire process.

termo stampi design
termo stampi

The divisions

  • Termo Stampi Design: mould co-design, prototyping and design;
  • Termo Stampi: mould construction and maintenance;
  • Termoplast: moulding of plastics, 2K, 3K, gas-assisted injection moulding (GAIM), finishing and assembly of components.

termo stampi offices

The structure

The group has over 80 employees split between the departments of design, mould production, moulding and assembly.
The operational and administrative offices of the three companies cover a total area of approximately 13,000 square metres, of which 1,000 are dedicated to offices, 2,000 to mould construction, 3,000 to moulding and assembly and 3,000 to the warehouse. Termo Stampi Design has an office in Turin.

outside the termo stampi group
outside the termo stampi group
outside the termoplast

The mission

Termo Stampi wants to satisfy customer needs by providing a product of the very highest quality.
With this structure we are able to offer the customer an all-round service, simplifying the processes, providing advice from the mould design phase to the moulding methods and resolving any doubts or problems in-house.

Direct experience in moulding is key: by carrying out the injection moulding in-house we are able to optimise the mould. We do not limit ourselves to production: we provide advice to improve the performance of the materials to be moulded and make the final piece more resistant and efficient.