Mould co-design and design

The design team receives customer requests and actively engages with them, giving advice on how best to optimise the piece in order to make it possible to produce it on an industrial scale.
If we find that the design presented does not meet the objectives, our experience in the sector and the use of advanced software with filling analysis allows us to suggest structural changes to make the piece fully functional.

mold filling

Quality is fundamental in all areas where requirements are very high and precision and performance of the components are essential factors. The development of the idea and the offering of suggestions and improvements always take into account the end use of the component.

co-design of components
Mould stampi

The design phase of injection moulds and die-casting by Termo Stampi Design uses:

Highly qualified design staff

Our technical team has vast experience in mould design, and is always up to date on new technologies. Participation in both in-house and external training courses allows us to always keep up with the latest developments.

Siemens NX / CATIA software

CAD/CAM software widely used in the automotive sector as it is extremely functional in the aesthetic and visual creation of surfaces. This software allows fast and efficient design, from the 2D layout to the 3D modelling.

Moldflow Analysis

Simulation of the entire injection moulding process, from filling to compacting to cooling in order to calculate pressure, temperature, shear stresses, wall thickness, cavity orientation, orientation of injection points, suction marks, junction lines, air entrapment, material, and geometry of the piece.